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Regina's Cantina
Regina's Cantina is all about uncovering different aspects of the truth on many subjects.

Always thought provoking and designed to make you question everything, Regina's show will feature guests from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Fill in the gaps in your knowledge and tune in each month .....

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January 2011 - Jason ComelyJason Comely

Jason Comely is a shy person and was determined to do something about it so invented the game of rejection therapy. Rejection Therapy is a real life game with one rule. The game is designed for anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and overcome fear and rejection.

Rejection Therapy will show you how rejection can be the catalyst for personal success.

For more on Jason and his game, go to


December 2010 - Nick BegichNick Begich

Nick Begich has been a regular guest in our video interviews and is a trusted source due to his impeccable research. His father, also called Nick, was a Democratic Party member of the United States House of Representatives from Alaska disappeared in a plane crash in 1972 and his brother Mark Begich is currently the junior U.S. Senator from Alaska.

In this radio interview, Regina speaks with Nick about the invasiveness of the Full Body Scanner and other technologies and the means by which to take back our consciousness.

For more on Nick and his work, go to

November 2010 - Suzanne TaylorSuzanne Taylor
Suzanne never set out to be a filmmaker. But the moment she first witnessed the awesome mystery and beauty of the crop circles, everything changed. Somehow, the circles and their secrets filled her with a sense of wonder, of joy... and of hope (for herself, for humanity, for our world).
Above all, she was filled with the desire to share this incredible experience. With everyone. Everywhere. So Suzanne became a filmmaker and made "What On Earth?" which is a film/documentary that you can share with anyone, even the skeptics!

For more on Suzanne and the film, go to

October 2010 - Pierre SabakPierre Sabak

This book has taken over 3000 years to write. The truth can no longer be suppressed! This is the real story of the Serpent Race and their control over humanity. Pierre Sabak takes his reader on an unbelievable journey and unearths the Ultimate Crime: THE MURDER OF REALITY.
‘They said it could not be true… The consequences of this research are terrifying’
(Pierre Sabak)

A new major series of books, the Serpentigena describes how an Extraterrestrial Race have conquered planet earth and have ruled over man’s place for thousands of years.
In this fascinating study the author examines how the hidden priesthood encoded the serpent in the Bible and Koran using ‘polymorphic’ words, referred to by the Arab scholars as ‘Wujuh al-Qur’an’: ‘The Forgotten Recitation’- or ‘the Forgotten Koran.’

For more on Pierre and his work, go to

September 2010 - Ivan RadosIvan Rados

Ivan Rados' body (in his own words!) was born in the former Yugoslavia. He is an established and internationally recognized artist, energy healer and contemporary spiritual guide and the author of the acclaimed book "Health, It's All About Consciousness", published by Namaste Publishing in Canada (the publishers of Eckhart Tolle and Lee Gerdes books).

While Ivan claims he heals no-one, he merely helps people heal themselves by the power of "Infinite Consciousness", his healing journey reads like a book of miracles. He modestly calls them "ordinarinesses". Those people who have been "touched" by him experience anything but ordinariness. They have healed from many diseases and ailments and many continue seeing Ivan for ongoing spiritual guidance, growth and expansion of their consciousness.

For more on Ivan and his work, go to

August 2010 - Carol Bowman

Carol Bowman, M.S. is an internationally known author, lecturer, counselor, past life regression therapist, and pioneer in reincarnation studies.  Her first two books, Children’s Past Lives (Bantam, 1997) and Return from Heaven (HarperCollins, 2001) are now classics in the reincarnation field, and have been published and read around the world in 16 foreign editions.

Carol has been a practicing past life regression therapist for adults for almost two decades.  She studied with the pioneers in the field of past life regression, and holds an M.S. in Counseling from Villanova University.

In this discussion, Regina talks to Carol about the responsibilities of parents to respond appropriately when a child talks about past lives and what opportunities arise to create greater understanding of the present life relationship.

For more on past life child past lives and Carol Bowman, go to

July 2010 - Michael TellingerMichael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger has become one of South Africa’s bestselling export authors with his regular articles on human origins and his book Slave Species of God. A new discovery of an ancient circular monolithic stone calendar site in Mpumalanga has proven to be at least 75,000 years old, pre-dating any other structure found to date. Southern Africa holds some of the deepest mysteries in all of human history. What we are told is that at around 60,000 years ago the early humans migrated from Africa and populated the rest of the world.

Who were these first humans? What did they do? And where did they disappear to? Listen and find out.

For more on Adam's Calendar and Michael Tellinger, go to

June 2010 - Benjamin FulfordBenjamin Fulford

Now a Japanese citizen, Benjamin Fulford has had many years stirring the pot and exposing the powers that be. In this interview, Regina asks Benjamin about his impression of the roles of Japan, Asia and the West as our economies and currencies continue to crumble.

For more on Benjamin Fulford, go to

May 2010 - Alison AdamsAlison Adams

Having worked as a dentist for nearly 20 years, Alison Adams had a health crisis that the medical profession appeared either unable or unwilling to do anything about, which forced her to quit dentistry and launch an intense personal exploration into her own health problems. These investigations ultimately led her to retrain as a naturopath and led to a fundamental change in the way that she thought about health and disease.

For more on Alison and her extremely useful site, go to

April 2010 - Ariane de BonvoisonAriane de Bonvoisin

Ariane de Bonvoison has interviewed thousands of people about change. All types of change.

Throughout her life and career, Ariane continues to notice that the one constant is that change happens in everyone's life. The most exciting thing about change (strange as it seems) is that it is guaranteed to happen. So why are we so shocked when it does?

In this interview, Ariane talks about her passion to help people in their change and how her book can help in the first 30 days. For more on Ariane and her very helpful site, go to

March 2010 - Etta D. JacksonEtta Jackson

Etta D. Jackson has first-hand knowledge and experience with the information she writes about in Understanding Your Choice, Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle and The Role of Consciousness in Governance. She has been a speaker at many spiritual groups in many countries. She has had a deep knowing of the inner meaning of life and the many planes and dimensions of existence since her early childhood.

You can learn more about Etta by going to

February 2010 - Ingrid StabbIngrid Stabb

To be successful and fulfilled, your work life must reflect your true self, including calling upon the strengths you already possess. The Career Within You by Elizabeth Wagele and Ingrid Stabb helps you achieve just that. The book's individualized approach determines your career type, then helps you forge the career path that best suits you, making it the ideal guide for job hunters and career changers of all stripes.

In this interview with Regina, Ingrid discusses the different types of careers for each different enneatype and what we can do to maximise our happiness and sense of self worth.

You can learn more about the book by going to You may also be interested in going to the basic enneatype website at

January 2010 - Dr. Caron GoodeCaron Goode

Dr. Caron Goode is gifted with compassion in assisting others to effect lasting transformation through spiritual coaching, books, classes and seminars. Caron?s continuous education, experience in psychology and professional writing makes her a great resource for parents wishing to create and maintain a nurturing relationship their children. The common thread of these disciplines is energy of the mind-body-spirit connection and how to access it, bring it into focus and then put it into successful action.

Caron has shaped all of her professional endeavors into an educational program for training and certifying parents and professionals in supporting families through parent coaching or to receive a first-class, leading-edge parent education. She has positioned the Academy for Coaching Parents International ( at the forefront of the parent coaching movement to disseminate the coaching model of empowerment for parents.

You can learn more about Dr. Goode and Raising Intuitive Children by going to her website at


December 2009 - Mike RobbinsMike Robbins

Mike Robbins has inspired tens of thousands of people to reach new levels of awareness and success, both personally and professionally through his talks, seminars, and writing.

Mike knows and teaches that appreciation and authenticity are fundamental to the success and fulfillment of individuals, teams, and organizations.  Whether speaking to companies about building strong teams, to athletes about important life  and success skills, or to individuals about being real and focusing on the “good stuff” in their lives, Mike's keynotes, workshops, and seminars are insightful and fun...and they achieve results!

In this month's show, Mike talks with Regina about the message in his latest book - Be Yourself: Everyone Else is Already Taken which you can see more of by visiting a special book launch website -

To learn more about Mike and his work (including his previous baseball career), go to

November 2009 - Clif HighClif High

Sometimes, it's good to be aware of The Shape of Things to Come, even if it is from a report generated by a program that collates the language of our universal unconscious. Clif High (yes that is meant to be with one 'f'), talks for over an hour with Regina about his background, his original purpose and current methodologies and what the data is revealing to him.

To learn more about BioIntensives, mentioned in the interview, go to

To learn more about Clif High and order a current Web Bot report, go to

October 2009 - William HenryWilliam Henry

Maybe it is complete coincidence that Dan Browns' latest book contains almost exactly the same information as William Henry's latest book, Freedom's Gate, prompting some readers to ask William if Dan has been sitting in his lectures! What is more important is that the information that William has uncovered about the lost symbols of the U.S. capitol are absolutely fascinating!

The message of this interview is clear - the dome is your own head and freedom is obtained by owning your own dome.

To learn more about Freedom's Gate, go to William's site at

September 2009 - Dennis RichardsDennis Richards

Dennis Richards is a retired firefighter who was in constant pain from lower back problems, as well as having alzheimer's and poor eyesight. After a chelation therapy, he was introduced to Jim Humble and his Miracle Mineral Supplement, which is the name given to a liquid formation containing chlorine dioxide, from sodium chlorite. Hopefully this interview will explain how Jim used MMS in the early days, what it is, how it works and the experiences Dennis has since using it.

To learn more about Dennis Richards and his MMS research, go to his website at

August 2009 - Dr. Rebecca CarleyRebecca Carley

Dr. Rebecca Carley has been campaigning about vaccines, after her only child was brain damaged as a result of inoculations he received. Dr. Carley learned how to reverse the damage with homeopathy and other natural supplements and subsequently realized that inoculations of disease are causing the corruption in the immune system which leads to all autoimmune diseases and cancer. In this interview she discusses the use of vaccines as bioweapons in the midst of the so called "swine flu pandemic".

To learn more about Dr. Carley and her research, go to her website at

July 2009 - Tom CareyTom Carey

After a stint in the Air Force where he possessed a TOP SECRET/CRYPTO clearance, Tom Carey rekindled a high school interest in UFO's when he became the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) State Section Director for Southeastern Pennsylvania (1986-2002). Since 1991, Tom's research has focused solely on the so-called "Roswell Incident" and the alleged retrieval/cover-up by the U.S. Government of an alien spaceship and crew that crashed near the town of Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947. In his book "Witness to Roswell" he provides definitive closure to the questions about its authenticity. Listen to what really happened.....

To learn more about Tom and his investigations, go to his website at

June 2009 - Don EngelhardtDon Englehardt

Harmful spirits can create mental and physcial illness. Dr. Donald J. Engelhardt talks about how he telepathically removes harmful spirits that are possessing you, your family, and your friends. People have seen remarkable results in themselves and their friends after a session with Don.

To learn more about Don and his work, go to his website at

May 2009 - Steven JacobsonSteven Jacobson

We live in a "virtual reality" where deception has become an integral part of the framework of society. In this month's show, Regina discusses the ways in which we have been subject to forms of mind control with Steven Jacobson, author of Mind Control in America, and how we are constantly under this bombardment from the media.

To learn more about Steven and his research, go to his website at

April 2009 - George GreenGeorge Green

George Green returns for another update with Regina about the global economy, hotel prices, banks, credit cards, the car industry, gold, currencies and much more.

We have had several video interviews with George which you should also watch as most of his predictions are now current headlines.

To learn more about George and his research, go to his website at

March 2009 - Michael TsarionMichael Tsarion

Michael Tsarion returns for another interview with Regina where he shares his well researched perspective on the state of our collective mindset, putting the story together into his new DVD, The Architects of Control.

Watch Michael's interviews in our interview section for more on his research into the irish Origins of Civilization

To learn more about Michael Tsarion and his research, go to his website at

February 2009 - Alison WeirPatricia Bisch

Alison Weir is a journalist who founded If Americans Knew, a website dedicated to presenting truthful information and facts about the history and present situation in Israel and Palestine.

This is not what you hear about from traditional media and you have to wonder why.

To learn more about Alison Weir and her work, go to her website at

January 2009 - Patricia BischPatricia Bisch

Patricia Bisch is the author of Freedom from Food and has a conversation with Regina to kick off the year about a revolutionary quantum weight loss approach to one of the more common New Year's resolutions.

if you have struggled with our weight and understanding thee quantum connection, this one's for you!

To learn more about Patricia and her approach, go to her website at

December 2008 - Ellen BrownEllen Hodgson Brown

In Web of Debt, her latest book, Ellen Brown turns her litigation skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and "the money trust." She shows how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can, and must, get it back.

Ellen is a prolific writes for the Huffington Post and we feature articles from her as she writes them.

To learn more about Ellen, go to her website

November 2008 - Naomi WolfNaomi Wolf

Regina interviews Naomi Wolf about her two books, End of America and Give me Liberty in this highly informative interview about the erosion of our liberties and the end of the American way of life,

Naomi tours extensively giving lectures and presentations all over the world.

To visit Naomi at her new website, go to

October 2008 - Susan ShumskySusan Shumsky

Susan Shumsky is a prayer therapist, healer, teacher, counselor and an author. For over three decades, she has been teaching meditation, self-development, and intuition to students in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Far East.

In this interview with Regina, Susan discusses her book Hearing the Voice of God and how we can learn to connect with it.

To visit Susan at her website, go to

September 2008 - Brian David Andersen

Brain David Andersen has written about highly controversial subjects for decades and his latest book is no exception.

In this interview, Brain discusses the direct connection between the Jesuit order and the Vatican.

To visit Brian at his website, go to

August 2008 - Earth Meditation

This month, Regina departs from the usual interview format and instead gives you an meditation you can use to create a greater connection with Mother Earth. This was recorded in one take in the studios of William Eaton in Sedona.

Feel free to copy it to your computer or MP3 player and use it to get connected whenever you feel like it.

July 2008 - Sally Fallon

Journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker and community activist, Sally Fallon has been a long time proponent of healthy diet and is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Sally has traveled the world over studying healthy indigenous populations and their diets and in this interview with Regina, talks about raw milk.

To visit Sally at the Weston A. Price foundation website, go to

June 2008 - Marshall Vian Summers

Regina talks with Marshall about bringing forth the lessons of history, nature, and wisdom as well as the Greater Community perspective put forth in the Allies of Humanity briefings to establish a clear and objective view of the reality of Contact in the world today.

To visit Marshall at his website, go to

May 2008 - Jock Brocas

Jock Brocas is a Psychic Medium and Author of the best selling book "Powers of the Sixth Sense - how to remain safe in a hostile world", which is now published in several languages.

Regina talks to him about how we can better use all our senses to determine what is around us and beyond.

To visit Jock at his website, go to

April 2008 - Mary Tocco

No-one knows more about vaccines and their effects than Mary Tocco. She has been studying this subject for over 27 years and has important information for anyone considering vaccination, especially mothers and what you can do to thoroughly investigate what's in them.

Mary has really done her research on this subject and is one of the foremost resources for this information.

To visit Mary at her website, go to

March 2008 - Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray is more than just an astrologer. She has studied the astrology of nations and tells Regina what is in store for the US in the coming years.

We have two video interviews with Jessica which highlight our current situations globally and nationally. Her book, Soul Sick Nation, is a fascinating read for astrologers and non-astrolgers alike.

To visit Jessica at her website, go to

February 2008 - Jim Dreaver

Are you tired of your stories? Well, in this interview, Jim Dreaver opens you to an endless flow of wisdom, love, and creative energy from within in his book "End your Story - Begin your Life" so you can start fresh from where you stand right now.

To visit Jim at his website, go to

January 2008 - Leo Zagami

Leo Zagami is a high-ranking Illuminati Grand Master, who gained considerable attention in the conspiracy research community as a defector and whistleblower. Leo Zagami has in May 2008 announced that he is back in the Illuminati ranks, or rather, that he now personally controls major parts of the Illuminati, and his agenda while being in exile and a defector has not changed.

To learn more about Leo Zagami, go to

December 2007 - Juliet Nightingale

Regina interviews Juliet Nightingale - a lifelong mystic and Seer from England - who has been through a number of near-death experiences resulting from life-threatening illnesses she has had since childhood. One of them occurred in the mid-70s while battling colon cancer, which caused her to lapse into a coma.

Sadly Juliet passed away at the end of 2008. She is lovingly remembered by her family and friends worldwide.

To visit Juliet at her BBS Radio website, go to

November 2007 - Doug Rokke

Regina interviews Doug Rokke about Depleted Uranium. Doug has a PhD in health physics and was originally trained as a forensic scientist. 

When the Gulf War started, he was assigned to prepare soldiers to respond to nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, and sent to the Gulf. 

What he experienced has made him a passionate voice for peace, travelling the country to speak out.

To visit Doug at his website, go to

October 2007 - Martin Boroson

Martin Boroson has written a wonderful book entitled The One-Moment Master: Stillness for People on the Go (US title:One-Moment Meditation), a book that is packed with wisdom from cover to cover.

Martin is a wonferul gentle soul and takes you on a journey that is all but guaranteeing that you will be able to surrender completely to your moments of meditation and apply them to everyday situations.

To visit Martin at his website, go to

September 2007 - on hiatus
August 2007 - Michael Horn

This month, Regina talks to Michael Horn about the prophecies of Billy Meier, the gentleman from Switzerland who has documented sightings and communication wth the "beings".

A subject of much controversy, Michael has invested much of his life bringing this information to a wider audience.

We have since interviewed Michael on video so check out those interviews in our archive. They have also been translated into Spanish for our Hispanic viewers.

July 2007 - Raymond Francis

Raymond Francis talks about his other book, Never be Fat Again and tells us how easy it is to understand how our bodies work.

We have interviewed Raymond on video where he talks about his journey back from the brink of death. Check it out in our video archive.

To visit Raymond at his website, go to

June 2007 - Raymond Francis

Raymond Francis talks about his book, Never be Sick Again and tells us how maintain a healthy body and immune system.

Raymond is an energetic, healthy example of someone who has treated themselves well over the years and his wise councel is not to be missed!

To visit Raymond at his website, go to

May 2007 - Kay Aubrey

Kay Aubrey is a Bio-Nutritional Consultant with over 15 years of international experience in animal health and nutrition.

Her primary focus is helping animals with cancer to return to optimal health and to assist and guide their care-givers through a holistic approch through this process.

To visit Kay at her website, go to

April 2007 - Michael Tsarion

Michael Tsarion is a world renowned expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America. In this interview Regina asks him about the mystery of Atlantis and the species that lived there.

Please check out our later interviews with Michael in our interview archive, where he discusses the Irish Origins of Civilization.

To visit Michael at his website, go to

March 2007 - Susan Joy Rennison

Susan Joy Rennison has written probably the most important book "Tuning the Diamond" on the earth changes and our understanding of the solar system, electromagnetism and evolution.

A native of England, but now living in Scandianavia, Susan has some ground breaking information which many scientists are now beginning to adopt in their own research.

To visit Susan at her website, go to

February 2007 - on hiatus
January 2007 - Danny Schechter

Have you ever been in debt!? Danny Schechter has been so concerned about predetory credit spiralling out of control that he made a film about it. Regina talks to him about his film and what is going on with our passion for debt.

To visit Danny and learn more about his film, go to

December 2006 - Marsha Green

Regina interviews Marsha Green, President and Founder of the Ocean Mammal Institute and talks about the war going on underneath the ocean with the affects of sonic pollution on whales and dolphins, explaining how this is impacting their brains and breeding habits.

To visit Marsha at her website, go to

November 2006 - Regina being interviewed on Lia Ramses show

Click here to listen to the show

October 2006 - Paul Price

Paul Price is one of those people that is a natural genius. His ability to understand highly complex subjects like the gravitational effect has lead him to publish ground breaking theories on anti-gravity.

Paul worked in a government facility and his father was a worker in Area 51.

To visit Paul at her new website, go to

September 2006 - John St. John

John St. John is a natural health practitioner who has been studying nutrition and health as well as earning an MS in Experimental Psychology from the University or Pennsylvania.

In this interview he discusses the importance of natural salt for the body but not your common Sodium Chloride table salt, he means Potassium Chloride.

To visit John at his website, go to

August 2006 - Kae Thompson

Kae Thompson is perhaps the leading expert on the human voice in the world. She has developed a voice technology called Voice Bio for diagnosis and healing the body.

Quite simply, the voice reveals what the body already knows.

To visit Kae at her website, go to

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